AEROPRESS stainless steel/titanium metal filter

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Accept no cheap imitations. This metal filter designed for the Aeropress and Aeropress GO will give you a delightful brew, wash easily and save you money, while helping the environment.

The jury is out on whether you use paper or metal filters for an Aeropress - but afterall, so much of speciality coffee brewing is about personal preference. If you like a really clean cup, devoid of ground residue and which blocks some of the oils, the paper is certainly the way to go. But a more environmentally friendly and cost effective method is a metal filter. If you also like a fuller bodied brew, then the is great choice.

Save on 1000s of paper filters and contribute to a greener planet.

Designed for brew performance, control and effortless brewing.

- Use the FINE disc for a full-bodied coffee, with bolder overall flavour
- The SUPERFINE disc for a sweeter, super smooth cup with increased clarity and great balance and seems to produce less oil and reduced residue.

PACK LIGHT, TRAVEL SMART – Ultra portable and space-saving. Lock your filters into the cap for easy carrying. Perfect for home, travel or work.

Precision-machined from high-strength 300 Series Stainless Steel, coated in Rose Gold Titanium.

Dimensions (62mm OD)

The latest in a string of awards we've won for our tea and coffee


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