COLOMBIA: Jorge Rojas Lot#11 - Regional Winner Cup of Excellence - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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  • COLOMBIA JORGE ROJAS Lot #11 - Regional Winner Colombia Cup of Excellence

    Flavour: Red grape, papaya, creamy milk chocolate

    Farm Size: 2.5 ha
    Region: Planadas, South Tolima
    Processing: Washed Grade: EP10 Screen Size: 15+
    Growing Altitude: 1,838 masl
    Processing Altitude: 1,230masl
    Varietal: Colombia, Castillo
    Soil: Sandy loam
    Harvest: April - July

    For the end of 2021 we've ordered a very special coffee. This Colombian single origin from Jorge Rojas was a regional winner in Colombia Cup of Excellence.

    Grown on a small holding of Finca El Jardin  (2.5 hectares), Jorge and his team are of one of most highly respected coffee growers in Colombia. The group is dedicated to a sustainable eco-agricultural method of growing coffee. After dry fermentation, the coffee is fully washed and dried for more than 2 weeks to ensure a clean, bright cup. The quality control is second to none.

    A very creamy mouthfeel is complimented by milk chocolate, papaya and red grape notes.

    Very, very special, this exceptional coffee is not to be missed.

  • COLOMBIA: Jorge Rojas - Regional Winner - Colombia Cup of Excellence

    Flavour: Red grape, papaya, creamy milk chocolate

    Farm Size: 2.5 ha
    Region: Planadas, South Tolima
    Processing: Washed Grade: EP10 Screen Size: 15+
    Growing Altitude: 1,838 masl
    Processing Altitude: 1,230masl
    Varietal: Colombia, Castillo
    Soil: Sandy loam

    Harvest: April - July

    The Producers
    Jorge Rojas is a smallholder farmer from the region of Planadas, Tolima. His 2.5ha farm Finca El Jardin sits at 1,838masl. Jorge is part of Grupo Empresarial Agprocem Planadas, or ‘GEA’, an association of specialty growers dedicated to sustainable, ecological agriculture. Through the sharing of knowledge the group aim to encourage entrepreneurship and improve the livelihoods of their members.

    The Art of Production
    Ripe cherries are pulped and then dry-fermented (lot 9 for 60 hours and lot 11 for 85 hours). The coffee is then thoroughly washed and dried slowly under a marquee for 15 days.

    The Region
    Planadas is located on the southern tip of the department of Tolima, close to borders with Huila and Cauca. Situated in the foothills of the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, the region benefits from excellent altitudes, cool temperatures, plentiful sunshine and rain, and rich volcanic soils.

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